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Address:E Buidling,YuSheng Industrial Park,Beside ZhouShi Road,Jiu Wei ,Xixiang,Bao'an District,Shenzhen  China


        ShenZhen JINLING Electronics was established 2001 and specializes in manufacturing of precision cards, connectors and combination cables. We always follow the guideline of specialization and process automation since the establishment of the company and have imported advanced production machines and detecting devices from Tai Wan, Japan, Germany.To provide high quality and best performance -to -price ratio production for customers, we have realiz...【View Details
Factory Profile Quality assurance system Core competencies
Factory area:the first factory:12.000 ㎡;the second factory:15.000... The company has imported advanced production and detecting devices fro... The research and development of products and mould are completed by ou...
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